1. Scope of Work

  1. Before Periscope Indonesia starts the service, Client must provide information details about the ordered position and the qualification standards by filling Job Order form provided by Periscope Indonesia latest 24 hours after the signature date of this agreement.
  2. Periscope Indonesia should provide at least 2 short-listed resume of the candidates who have successfully passed comprehensive selection process at Periscope Indonesia latest 7 days after Periscope Indonesia receives the information details from Client as mentioned in Point # 1 a.
  3. Client should give confirmation to Periscope Indonesia latest 2 days after receiving short-listed resumes mentioned in Point # 1 b whether the candidates are qualified and will be processed further or not.
  4. If Client wants to process the candidates further, all arrangement and appointment should be made through Periscope Indonesia.
  5. Every time Client conducts selection process to the candidates, Client must inform Periscope Indonesia in detail about the result latest 4 days after the process date.
  6. If from all candidates provided by Periscope there is no candidate meet Client’s requirements, Periscope Indonesia must provide Client with another 2 short-listed resumes. The process is then repeating Point # 1 b, c and d.
  7. If finally Client decides to recruit one of the candidates provided by Periscope Indonesia, Client must pay success fee to Periscope Indonesia as described in Point # 2 below.

2. Success Fee & Payment

  1. The agreed success fee is 20 % of the recruited candidate’s annual gross take home pay. In this case, take home pay is basic salary plus all fix payable allowance.
  2. Client must pay the success fee to Periscope Indonesia latest 2 weeks after the join date of the recruited candidate.
  3. Success fee is not returnable and subject to VAT 10 %.

3. Warranty

  1. Periscope Indonesia guarantees to replace the candidates at no cost if the employment is terminated either by employee or employer during the first 3 months regardless the reason of termination. In this case Periscope Indonesia will provide one time replacement only. The replacement process will be similar with the previous process mentioned in Point # 1 b, c, d, e and f.
  2. Periscope Indonesia will not be responsible for any failure or mistake performed by the recruited candidates during their working period with client.

4. Status of the Remaining Candidate

  1. All non-recruited candidate resumes that have been proposed to Client by Periscope Indonesia is still be the assets of Periscope Indonesia and valid for 1 year period counted from the agreement date.
  2. If they are offered by Client with any employment during that period, Periscope Indonesia entitles to bill Client based on the agreed success fee and payment mentioned in Point # 2.